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How Vivo beat rival smartphone launches with one of their own

12 March 2019


Beating Rival Smartphone Launches with One of Your Own
How Vivo leveraged Flipkart Ads’ shopper audience data to successfully launch V9 in a cut-throat segment
In 2018, 82 mobile phones were launched exclusively on Flipkart. How did Vivo make sure that its latest product launch pipped them all and created a niche audience for the phone? By altering the dynamics of the launch itself.
With the help of Flipkart’s shopper audience behavioural insights for precise audience identification and targeting, Vivo V9 was exclusively launched through a never-before-used 3-step campaign – Tease, Please & Release. This helped Vivo achieve a breakthrough in a highly competitive market within a short span of 10 days.


The challenges Vivo faced:
Vivo’s V9 launch coincided with the launches of a few other prominent mobile brands. Their main competitor had already launched a comparable model a month earlier with a lower price-point. The challenge was to create a separate niche for Vivo and establish the brand as a trusted device that is economical and yet, caters to the tech-savvy consumers who want more from their mobile phones. The need of the hour was an advertising campaign that did not just break the clutter, but also established Vivo as a brand of choice amongst a segment that had a high level of awareness about their demands.

The Flipkart Ads Solution
An Insight-led audience selection for effective, tailor-made communication.
Flipkart’s repository of shopper behaviour insights helped identify the ideal target persona for Vivo V9 launch – the smartphone aficionado. The campaign ad messaging was customized according to this persona for maximum impact. Only those shoppers were targeted who:
>Browsed mobile phones regularly
>Had a high affinity for smartphones and tech products
>Search for smartphones in the Vivo V9 price segment
>Showed interest in new phone launches
>Had previously bought a phone from Vivo and its closest competitors

Engaging Ad properties

Intrigue Banners & Store Page
Intrigue banners are designed to provide more information and are tweaked according to the possible responses of the TG, thereby breaking the clutter and standing out.
Flipkart homepage banners on app and desktop highlighted new features and specifications, leading users to the Store Page.
The device form factor sneak peek was revealed.
To create exclusivity, launch and pre-book dates were revealed on the Store Page.
Studies show that providing new information and constantly changing the intrigue banners keep the audience inquisitive about the flow of new information. Keeping that in mind, intrigue creatives were refreshed 3-4 times a day to keep the audience engaged.
In the second phase, the global keynote was live streamed on the Store Page with a 360-degree device reveal
Customers could pre-book the V9 on another Store Page that had complete device specifications and pre-book offers as ultimate gratification.
Vivo V9 received 3-4X higher pre-bookings compared to the category average.
Buy Now
Finally, the Buy Now option was revealed with re-designed display banners and offers to drive the audience interest further. The CTA button on these display banners reduced steps-to-purchase to just one so those who are down the funnel can go straight to Check Out.

The numbers spoke for themselves!
Overall, not only did Vivo trump its competitors in terms of sales and brand recall, evident in the over-delivery on performance metrics by 1.8-2X but also sparked a brand loyalty shift towards itself from competition cohort.
– 285 million+ Impressions
– 2X CTR vs category average
– 3X Conversion Rate vs category average for the price segment
– 2 Stock-out

In terms of sales, Vivo aced the market with Flipkart being the top performing online partner. The phone went out of stock twice while the campaign registered over 50% RoI and 1% conversion rate – 3 times the category average.
In a nutshell, the effective data-driven advertising strategy not just helped Vivo create a space for itself in a highly competitive market, but also perform better than its peers not just in terms of online engagement, but also in terms of sales.

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