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Why Should You Advertise During Big Billion Days 2019?

01 October 2019

In 2017, there was a 21% increase in Indian consumers who believed online shopping made life easier during the festive season. What does this mean for brands and consumers?

Here’s a quick overview:

Festivals in India bring out everyone’s inner shopaholic. It’s reached a point where festivities have become synonymous with discounts and special offers. In fact, recent studies by Kantar IMRB show that there’s an increase of 19% in consumers who claim to spend money without a second thought. No wonder brands are putting their best foot forward during these celebrations – everyone wants their share of the festive pie. The Big Billion Days sale acts as a win-win event for both consumers and brands.

Consumers get the best offers from across categories and brands on one single platform during The Big Billion Days sales. For brands, the voluminous increase in site traffic presents a coveted chance to improve overall visibility, reach and engagement. This accounts for a significant rise in product sales.

Take The Big Billion Days 2018 for instance.

Here’s why you should take advantage of The Big Billion Days:

1) All categories can benefit

If you thought your category can’t jump aboard the e-commerce bandwagon, you might want to reconsider. Studies show that there is a 10% increase in those who use the internet to plan their shopping. This advantage is not limited to a few categories and can be seen across the spectrum. While categories such as electronics, appliances, FMCG, and automobiles have already adopted e-commerce advertising as the norm, we predict tremendous growth in categories such as furniture, grocery, and lifestyle over the next few years.

Here are a few key examples of how brands across categories leveraged The Big Billion Days:

2) Ride the wave of seasonal online shoppers

Did you know that the tendency to search for products advertised on TV increases during the festive season? In 2017 alone, there was an 11% increase. There is also a 16% increase in the tendency to share reviews with friends and peers online during the season. With a huge surge in traffic, brands have the unique opportunity to reach a wider audience network and eventually push them along the sales funnel.

3) Consumers are more open to experimentation

Like a swarm of bees in search of the sweetest nectar, consumers are lured by attractive offers and exclusive deals. Ironically, the festive season also brings out the consumer tendency to splurge – they are 12% more likely to spend on expensive brands during this season. This is not the season for brand loyalties, as consumers want to experiment and try out new products and brands. Hence, this is a prime time to (1) introduce new innovative products and (2) upgrade customers to premium variants.

In a nutshell, the festive season is a celebration for e-commerce too, with The Big Billion Days making it a win-win situation for brands and consumers.

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