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Ads that convert – Building great ads to drive conversion on your e-commerce platform

07 August 2017

There are innumerable ad formats available to a marketer, – from display ads to PPC, native ads to rich media, banners to text only. However, successfully driving internet traffic requires more than just quantity. Choosing the right ad format is equally important for generating traffic and driving conversions on your e-commerce platform. Here are some key considerations while advertising for your platform.

Build for mobile

70% of global internet traffic is on mobile. All your ads need to be planned and executed with a mobile first strategy. Display your ads on websites with large amounts of mobile traffic and optimize the text and ad sizes for easy readability on mobile screens. Remember that any kind of animations must be viewable to audiences even with limited data connectivity. Ensuring your ads display in prominent positions on a webpage is half the battle won.

Perfecting your imagery

Data from Infolinks suggests that 86% of website visitors suffer from banner blindness – they don’t pay attention to imagery that looks like conventional ads. Use this to your advantage, by keeping your imagery unique. This is a great chance to test the effectiveness of real vs. illustrated images to see what works best for your brand. But remember to stick to a single focal point in all your creatives.

Brand Link

Is your ad showcasing your brand proposition clearly for consumers to grasp at first glance (eg: An ecommerce company should use ‘Buy Now’ as opposed to ‘Learn More’ for the CTA). By ensuring your ad supports what you provide as a brand, you can appeal to consumers who are still browsing or on the fence.

Informational or Emotional Reward

Every ad needs to invoke a reaction in the minds of the audience – whether it is the realization that your product solves an existing problem or whether the ad resonates with them emotionally to want to find out more. Depending on the product or service you are selling, ensure your ad displays relevant, interesting information to drive sales or has an emotional connect to drive traffic to your website.

Strong Call-to-action

A CTA is the ultimate tool to drive traffic to a platform and help in conversions. The key requirement from a CTA is to drive a sense of urgency and make people want to click through to your site right away. So keep experimenting with various phrases until you find the right one.

Keep it simple

Lastly, as a marketer, you should be familiar with the fact that most website visitors take 6 seconds to decide if your ad deserves their attention. So never overcomplicate your ad! Stick to short phrases rather than long sentences. Resist the urge to tell your entire brand story in one small creative. Remember that ads are meant to attract immediate attention.

Having the right kinds of ads can go a long way in driving traffic to your website or gaining impressions for your products. However, remember that driving sales is not just about the kind of ads you run. The right messaging, combined with effective targeting using innovative ad formats is the only way to boost your digital business.