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Advertising in the times of sale events

24 June 2016

Sale events are round the corner, which makes commerce advertising even bigger platform to talk about your product. Flipkart’s pool of high intent consumers visiting our website/ app goes bigger during sale events. To make the most out of such opportunities brands must include one crucial component in their promotional strategy: Commerce Advertising.

Commerce advertising during sale event can help you get more bounce for the ounce. A few data points to look at:

  • Big billion days (October) experienced the jump of 150% in daily visits on app.
  • Big shopping days (March) witness a jump of 25% in daily visits.

However, one golden rule that remains constant is that advertising during the sale season always leads to higher reach. The sale season is a favorable time to advertise because consumers are armed with high propensity to browse and make a purchase. Many users often plan their purchases for the entire year during this period.

Keeping the above pointers in mind, we can develop an advertising plan fit for the sale-intensive period that works for your business. Let’s get to the steps.

Step no. 1 – Choose the right platform

It is important to decide which format works best for the nature of your business. The golden rule in play here is to know where your target audience is already located. Flipkart helps you connect with your audiences using multiple data points, derived from consumer research that can help you make your interaction with potential consumers qualitative.

Flipkart provides you access to  over 75 million high intent users. This is evident from a recent study that revealed, 1 in 5 visitors on the Flipkart app makes a purchase. Apart from this, it also offers multiple formats of ads to choose from. This of course, leads to higher conversion jumps, better brand recall and tailor-made promotional marketing opportunities.

Step no. 2 – Gather your advertising assets

During peak sale competition, your audience is on the look-out for lucrative offers. In a time when they are already bombarded with zillions of such discounts, a landing page to greet them with your exclusive offers that stays true to the principles of ergonomics will help. Now is a great time to advertise on Flipkart’s Brand Stories Page. As a result of sale event, Flipkart will see a spike rise in its traffic, making it an opportune time to advertise. The Brand Stories Page, offers intense visibility to help your brand stand-out during this sale period.

Banners with compelling CTAs hosted on the right site

Finally, work with your designers and writers to put together a list of sale-focused ‘Call to Action’ (CTA). This should focus on the “deal” and use urgency to compel action (such as “50% discount ending soon!”).  Flipkart offers brands multiple premium/native ad formats on website and app. These formats can be used to place CTAs which can gain maximum eyeballs.

Step no. 3 – Plan your ad spend  

Most audiences wait for the sale season to make all their purchases and stalk up for the year. Flipkart’s sale event, witnesses a massive traffic spike during this period. This is a great opportunity for brands that start advertising early as they can capture the audience uninterrupted, since most competitors will begin targeting audiences only in November.

Step no. 4- Track and test

The final step, and arguably the most important, is to track your results and test landing pages. Focus on your CTAs and content to optimize conversions. Flipkart offers end-to-end measurability making it possible for you to track every rupee you have spent and allocate budgets accordingly.

Follow this step-by-step plan for a solid foundation of your Commerce advertising campaign during peak-time sale period.