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Building a Commerce Advertising platform in India

24 June 2016

India has second largest internet users base after China. It provides even bigger opportunity for advertisers to reach their target groups. Advertising on right medium at right time for relevant audience helps you meet your objective in much more efficient way. In this competitive landscape, Flipkart has emerged as a pioneer in commerce advertising, with 75 million registered users – the largest number for any company outside the US and China. We have ensured that every consumer’s experience is continuously enhanced through the use of data about users’ shopping habits, browsing behavior, interest in new product launches etc making it amongst the top 7 most influential brand in India. We have adopted similar fundamentals to build the commerce advertising platform on Flipkart such that it enables brands to obtain the most value for their products, expand their business across regions and maximize their ROI.


Flipkart Ads

We launched our flagship product Brands Stories in the first quarter of the year and the focus is on how consumers are engaged with brands as they move along their discovery & journey to purchase. Consumers are willing to explore online/offline channels to make informed purchase decisions on products. Their search is increasingly moving online and onto Apps like Flipkart.

We use relevant data about the consumers, their browse & search activity, their purchase history etc to help Advertisers target them across the Awareness, Consideration, Purchase Intent and Purchase cycles of a consumer’s journey to purchase.

The consumers are driven with a purchase intent and make transactions with Flipkart very often.  This enables new advertisers to engage with consumers when their intent floats very much decision making

 Since Flipkart doubles up as consumers’ search engine and a purchase platform, it becomes an efficient space to launch products, make consumers discover them, drive consideration set or even create a purchase intent – all of which eventually leads to purchase.


Added advantages for the advertisers:

Profiled e-commerce audience: Leverage the largest base of e-commerce audience in the country combined with premium & native ad formats and advance reporting like full funnel measurement.

Interactive ad formats: Convey your story in an interactive way and measure the success of campaigns effectively.

Rich user experience and targeting: Non-intrusive ad format, seamless user experience, sharp targeting with profiled audience and other targeting options.

Viewable impression metrics: Campaign delivery is measured on viewable impressions only.


With Flipkart Ads, the key is to leverage our data, showcase our value proposition and continually innovate to increase the ROI of all our advertisers.



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