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Connecting people to brands on mobile with Brand Stories

01 February 2016


“Everyone is on mobile, why aren’t you?” – is the question we asked our brand partners when we started thinking about mobile advertising at Flipkart. Being the largest e-commerce and m-commerce player in India, we have been seeing the users shift to mobile for all their needs, be it content consumption, social interactions or commerce. However, brands and merchants are still spending a small percentage of their advertising budget on mobile. We realised that while there has been a lot of innovation in consumer experiences on mobile that’s driving this consumption shift; there is a glaring need in the market for disruptive mobile marketing solutions, and the market is ripe for it.  And so our challenge was set – let’s solve advertising on mobile the way it should be solved.

Thinking framework

  • Think Mobile – If everyone is going to be on mobile, brands have to move to mobile. There is no option. Moreover, mobile is a channel with small screen sizes, and limited attention spans. And just the way desktop sites don’t work on mobile, traditional desktop-based advertising (read – banners and links) is not going to work. We must think and innovate for mobile-based marketing solutions.
  • Think Commerce – Flipkart, being a commerce player, brings unique value to the table for marketers. We have a highly qualified audience, their purchase intent and the purchase funnel. Could we leverage these to deliver ground breaking marketing solutions? Can Commerce based Advertising disrupt traditional advertising?
  • Think Experiences – Advertising works when it’s engaging for the end user. We must develop solutions that not only capture user’s attention like traditional advertising, but are engaging, beautiful, relevant and adding value. We also need to deliver truly innovative solutions for brands and merchants that make them choose mobile advertising over other mediums.

The solution – Brand Stories

Our solution for these

  • Creative
    With limited real estate and attention spans, how do we create experiences that capture users’ imagination, encourage them to engage with these experiences and create long lasting impact on users?

           Brand Story creates seamless, engaging and contextual experience for users and a gives brands a flexible canvas to tell a range of stories.

  • Targeting
    Every day, millions of users visit Flipkart multiple times. When we look at this large amount of engagements on the platform and apply our state of the art machine learning techniques, we are able to create segments of large number of online shoppers with strong intent and purchasing power. This is powerful for all brands and merchants. We have built an audience targeting platform that enables rich targeting. Imagine segments like laptop buyers (for a printer brand), sports enthusiasts (for fitness brand), new mothers (for baby care brand) and more. The possibilities are endless. Early experiments have shown at least 2x improvement in user engagement when a campaign is optimized for the right audience.
  • Measurement
    Advertisers need to measure the effectiveness of their ad spend. Flipkart, with its purchase data, is uniquely positioned to provide brands and merchants detailed measurement and insights on their ad spends. We have made investments to develop unique measurement techniques and attribution models that help brands measure impacts of their spends directly and transparently. For every ad campaign, advertisers can now measure how much awareness, consideration and sales uplift it was able to drive – we call it the “Full Funnel Attribution”. With this, brands get insights that helps them understand the campaign effectiveness, optimize their campaigns on specific goals and design subsequent campaigns effectively.

We have been working with select partner brands over the past few weeks on Brand Stories and we’ve seen some exciting results. The consumers are engaging with Brands like never before; and Brands are getting phenomenal ROI on their ad spends on this platform. We will share our learnings, case studies and best practices in coming days.

Get Started Now!

Brands now have better ways of connecting with people through Brand Stories. We are making Brand Stories available for all marketers starting today. Please get in touch with your Flipkart Account Manager or agency to get started.

We are committed to building the best mobile advertising solutions for Brands and Merchants. As we continue to build products that help advertisers tell their stories in new and interesting ways across any device and connectivity levels. Look for updates here.