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Elevate The Shopping Experience With Look Book Ads

09 March 2020

Imagine you’re scrolling through your feed, and you see a look on someone else that you just have to have. Sometimes you spot the interiors of a home you can’t stop thinking about. You can now give your customers the experience of buying their favourite ensemble, look or appliances right from the homepage! Flipkart has evolved to push their service envelope to bring to you the all new Look Book Ads.

The Look Book Ads is a fresh ad format created to help brands showcase their theme-based collections in one place. Brands in the fashion, accessories, lifestyle, beauty and grooming categories can now curate looks for their audience and allow shoppers to find all complementing products together in one ad unit. If you’re looking to get your customer’s home furnished, you can also showcase your appliances, accessories and electronic products in one curated location using this ad format.

This feature can be leveraged as a trend highlight of what’s trending within home and beauty to add more value to the customer’s needs while also increasing sales. 

Why advertise using Look Book Ads? 

So bring out your best campaign images and celebrity shots. It’s time to innovatively reach the customer with the look they just have to have. Why get leads from social media when you can advertise at the source!

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