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Flipkart’s Premium Ads: Helping Brands Change Customer Perceptions

02 September 2016

One of the most commonly known facts about consumer behavior is that they don’t trust new brands easily. They don’t like change, and are usually more likely to stick to a brand that they’re used to, even after something better comes along.

The only way to overcome this is to make your brand visible in their daily experience. This is where premium ads come in. They’re capable of shifting consumer perceptions right at the start of their buying journey.

With Flipkart’s range of customer personas, you can target your ad to the audience type that’s most relevant to your brand.

When consumers come to Flipkart, a site that they trust, and they see your premium ad on the homepage, that same trust becomes immediately associated with your brand.

Display Advertising On Flipkart – Premium Ads

This ad format gives you unprecedented visibility, recognition, and reach.

Your ad will appear front and center on the Flipkart app home page, as a visually-arresting banner ad on the site’s home page, in places where the viewer’s eye would invariably fall.



The Benefits Of Flipkart’s Premium Ads


Now that you know how premium ads can improve your ad campaigns, let’s break down the Flipkart platform and see how it can take your display ads to the next level.

How To Make Premium Ads Work For You

Create a display ad that delivers creative, compelling information, so that the viewer can’t help but to click on it. To do this, you need the right mix of content and context.

Premium Ads are contextual at their core, and the content that they carry matters more than anything else.

Take all this into account when creating a Premium Ad on Flipkart, by keeping in mind that:

  • The message matters. Say exactly what your consumer needs to hear and show them exactly what they want to see.
  •  Quality is always the final decide. The best ad in the world can’t make up for a sub-par inventory.

Premium Ads are a high-impact ad unit, perfect for product launches, brand launches, and introducing a new product category.

The Result

When a premium ad is done right, the results are astonishing.

Intex., for example, used desktop inventories to get over 2 crore impressions, and Sensodyne used premium ad spaces to garner over 2 million impressions and a CTR of 0.53%.

With the premium ad format, the possibilities to supercharge reach and conversions for your commerce advertising campaigns are endless.