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Flipkart’s Rich Search Format: Reach out to Users in Contextual Environment

23 February 2018

Using ads to successfully drive quality leads is a function of multiple factors – full funnel measurement, precise targeting and most importantly, choosing the right ad format. Apart from a host of well-known options such as PPC, display ads, native ads, banners and text-only ads, marketers today also have the opportunity to leverage from rich search ads.

What are rich search ads?

  • With rich search ads, your product’s advertisement appears in the category’s search result.
  • Highly beneficial to convert customers in the final stage of the purchase funnel (high purchase probability).
  • The ads serve as extra bits of visual content.
  • Instrumental in gaining impressions for your product and eventually boosting sales.


  • ROI driven, value-add approach to ensure your brand is presented in a contextual setting.
  • Use of rich user-intent insights gathered from Flipkart’s search algorithm.
  • Displays ads at every 5th slot on the result page.
  • High quality, relevant results with the availability of geographic, behavioral and demographic targeting.
  • Ideal for collections, products as well as offers.
  • Access to insightful performance reports on the Flipkart dashboard, ideal for refining and fine-tuning current strategy.


  • Specially designed keeping in mind what the target audience is most likely to respond to.
  • Based on objective, scientific data on consumer purchase behaviour, gathered to take you a step closer to achieving your goals.
  • With vCPM (viewable cost per mile), you bid upon, and are charged only for measurable impressions, visible to the user.
  • Available as flexible banners on the mobile app.
  • Supports all categories except mobile and large appliances.

Rich search ads not only give the marketer an opportunity to reach out to potential users in a contextual environment but also the chance to capitalize on consumers closest to making a purchase. Thus, with rich search ads, you can now create a rewarding blend of effective targeting and relevant messaging, carried by an innovative ad format targeted at growing your business.