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How The Ad World Has Changed In The Last 10 Years

28 July 2017

A decade ago, social media or ad targeting didn’t exist and newspapers, radio stations or TV networks were the only ways to reach your target market. However, there have been some dramatic shifts in the advertising industry that has propelled it forward.

Rise Of Mobile Advertising

iPhones changed the face of advertising a decade ago, revolutionizing how consumers consumed and exchanged information. Mobile ads help reach people regardless of location. Ad formats such Brand Stories Showreel and Interstital Ads from Flipkart Ads lets you target consumers on their mobile phones, wherever they are.

Data backed Decisions

With the magnitude of people using the internet everyday, the amount of data available has made it easier to track digital consumer behavior. Data today is more reliable and accurate, helping you plan ad campaigns as well as analyze results. Flipkart Ads has a strong database of active and interested consumers with high consideration and purchase intent, which brands can target. This coupled with the right measurement tools lets you build strong advertising campaigns targeting towards consumer intent.

Video Ads Taking Over

A recent digital advertising report by PricewaterhouseCoopers points out that 30% of digital advertising spends were on digital video ads. Rich media videos are now people’s preferred way of consuming internet content. Flipkart’s large consumer base is the perfect opportunity to target your videos to the right people at the right time.

Customization Is Key

In today’s “Show me you know me” culture, consumers have changed the way they look at brands and expect advertisers to customize messages towards them. They are in search of unique, curated content. Flipkart Ads’ ability to measure consumer intent basis the products being searched for and purchased allows you to customize your advertising and make it more relevant to what your consumers desire.

Multi-Layered Media Mania

Content consumption has moved from consuming one form of media at a time, to media multi-tasking. The average Indian consumer spends their time constantly hopping from one medium to another over the course of the day – from television to Facebook to Twitter to shopping on Flipkart to Youtube and back to Facebook within a few minutes. Brands need to be present where consumers are and target them accordingly with relevant data.

Digital platforms can help you stay connected to your consumers across multiple touchpoints. However, excelling in such a hyper competitive environment is about more than just staying connected. Your commerce advertising needs to create the right impact, which can only come from targeting transacting consumers with the right intent.
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