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How To Engage Your Customers With Flipkart’s Brand Stories

12 September 2016

A brand story is the visual and emotional identity of your brand. Telling a great story will elevate you from just a product or a service to an entity – a someone they can connect with, who inspires them and makes them think.

Storytelling in a New Age of Marketing

It’s becoming clear that brand stories aren’t told in just newspapers or on TV anymore. As marketing evolves, storytelling strategies must evolve, too.

The largest collection of transacting consumers on the internet are now congregating at specific locations. Places like Flipkart, which has 75 million+ of them. And if that’s where your consumers are, that’s where you need to tell your story.

Flipkart Ads’ Brand Stories feature is designed to engage with users in a non-disruptive manner. Every ad contains multiple frames with images and messaging that the consumer can scroll through.

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With a brand story, scrolling becomes the first step in user-brand engagement. They’re not just scrolling past the ad; they’re scrolling through it.

You can utilize this engagement by showing the different ways your product can be used or telling a story that flows from one ad frame to the next.

The Importance of Brand Stories

Your story functions as the core of every advertising effort, the base on which you can build meaningful strategies and blueprints, and grow your brand.

To create your brand story, you need:

An Origin: Knowing where the brand comes from will help consumers relate to you more strongly.

An Impactful Message: This could be your tagline, and it could reflect in your logo and you’re branding. Your brand image as a whole needs to deliver the message.

Undeniable Honesty: Customers need to feel like you’re not trying to manipulate them. Make sure every message that they see from your brand sounds genuine.

A Unique Voice: Your voice contributes more towards brand recall than anything else. Through your brand story, make your goals clear in a way that feels personal to anyone who experiences it.


These are all transacting consumers. They’re already on the app because they’re looking to buy. With an innovative Brand Stories ad, you can take that intent, add a little delight to it, and turn it into real purchases.

When Godrej tried out a Brand Stories campaign on Flipkart, they saw over 9.5 lakh impressions, with an Engagement rate of 9.8% indicating consumer interest and engagement with Godrej.


That’s the power of brand storytelling. So plan your Brand Stories campaigns for when you’re launching a product, need to build awareness, or to improve conversions at a specific milestone in your brand’s growth curve.

With Flipkart’s Brand Stories, you’re telling the right stories, to the right people, at the right time. There’s no better way to establish your brand, and convince consumers to buy from you and stay loyal to you.