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Product Listing Ads – Increase reach and visibility by serving relevant ads

21 June 2018

Everyday, thousands of customers scout the Internet and E-Commerce websites for a product they are interested in. And in response to their search, relevant results pop up. But with thousands of sellers offering the same product, how does a seller manage to edge out the competition and make their products stand out to a customer browsing for it online? The answer lies with Product Listing Ads (PLA) that gets it right all the time when it comes to giving higher visibility and reach.

According to a research by WordStream, 66% of people looking for a specific product on Google click on product listing ads. These are the customers who are at the end of the marketing funnel with an extremely high intent to purchase. These are also the customers that matter. And for better visibility, Product Listing Ads is what you need.

PLAs appear on the app, desktop and Msite of Flipkart among normal results during search and browse experience for customers. But what are Product Listing Ads, what is Flipkart Product Listing Ads as a service, how does it work, and why should you get on board?

What is Flipkart Product Listing Ads (PLA)?

There are two ways in which a customer can search for their desired product on Flipkart. They can either directly type in the product name or they can search by the category to which the product belongs. Listing Ads are served along with the search results. A PLA looks exactly like any other result except for the addition of a subtle call out that indicates that it is an ad. This is done with the intention of providing an unobtrusive experience to the customer. The ad appears seamlessly and is controlled by the relevance of the search itself.

Introduced in May 2015, Flipkart Product Listing Ads promises an upturn in discoverability, customer acquisition, and brand advocacy – all from the convenience of the seller dashboard. The performance of the campaign can be monitored, analysed and acted upon through reports and metrics provided. The Advertising tab in the seller dashboard allows sellers to create and manage their ad campaigns. Moreover, the entire model is tailored in a way so that every seller gets an opportunity to leverage its immense benefits. The added feature of only charging Cost Per Action (CPX) means sellers only pay for customer actions/ clicks and not impressions.

How does Flipkart Product Listing Ads work?

For the convenience of sellers, Flipkart Ads has divided different products into ad groups. These ad groups are collections of all the similar products under one category having the same Cost Per Action (CPX). The CPX of every ad group is decided on the basis of metrics such as demand, supply and margins. It is these ad groups which are the focal point of ad campaigns.

Consequently, with Flipkart Product Listing Ads, a seller can create and run as many ad campaigns from the dashboard as they desire during a given period. To set up a campaign, the seller:

  • Selects a product (or a list of products) to advertise.
  • Allocates a budget and specifies the duration of the ad campaign at ad campaign level
  • Reviews the final details and publishes the campaign.

But how do sellers compete for ad space for their product?

Flipkart’s intelligent and fair advertising model ensures that every seller gets an opportunity to display ads, with PLA slots allocated on the basis of various parameters.

In short, ads are:

  • Shown as per relevance.
  • Slotted as per seller performance decided by parameters such as CPX entered, seller SLA, returns, competitive pricing and historic performance of the ad.

Finally, the seller gets a free-hand at optimising any live campaign in real time thanks to the availability of detailed ad performance. One can pause, stop, edit, or extend the ad campaign any time in order to derive maximum ROI.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Higher visibility for your product
  • Efficient targeting of customers with high intent to buy and relevance to your category
  • Improvement in the ranking of both the product and your brand and equal opportunity to showcase product as other sellers
  • Ad campaign monitoring and optimisation from seller hub
  • Detailed, actionable ad performance reports in real-time which allow sellers to identify promising products, ad groups, and best-selling product combinations
  • Higher Return on Investment as ads are charged on the basis of actions rather than impressions
  • Ability to experiment with product combinations and other parameters to improve SKU performance of non-selling products
  • Instant visibility for new products and accelerated advocacy for brands.

Get Aboard

Today’s online retail marketplaces are flooded with sellers that sell the same products. Competition, therefore, is cutthroat. Flipkart Product Listing Ads creates not only the necessary breathing space for your offerings but also raises them to a point from where you can shoot down your brand-specific targets with exceptional efficiency.

This is exactly what Rishi Vats from Team Online, an electronics seller from Bangalore, experienced. When he decided to shift his retailing activities to online on Flipkart, his business was earning a decent dividend from offline sales. With the aid of Flipkart Product Listing Ads, Rishi was able to not only carve a niche for his business online but also boost his sales to a little over six times the normal transactions per month. Then there is Operon, a seller in appliances, that saw a 400% increase in revenue compared to regular sales post implementation of PLAs. The list of success stories is never ending.

By combining product quality, optimum pricing, special promotions, seasonality of sales, and Flipkart Product Listing Ads, every seller can take advantage of effective visibility of  advertisements like never before. Standing out from the crowd and winning at sales was never this easier, which is why Flipkart Product Listing Ads is crucial for your business.