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When To Leverage Flipkart Ads

Product Launch

Build Brand Awareness

Increase Consideration

Improve Conversion

Flipkart Online Business Advertising


  • First page first look
  • High visibility to daily visitors
  • Top of mind recall
  • On iOS and Android

Brand Stories Showreel

  • Canvas engaging story in one go
  • Dedicated landing page
  • Non-intrusive ad formats
  • Sharp targeting with profiled audience
  • On iOS and Android

Brand Story Cards

  • Comes with 6 scrollable cards, lets each brand talk on the 2nd fold of the site.
  • Each card features the ad of one brand.
  • On iOS and Android

Salient Features

Full Funnel Measurement

Showcases an uplift at each stage of the consumer’s shopping journey
Measures the performance from awareness and consideration to purchase

Multiple Formats

Interactive ad formats
In the form of showreels, banners, infeed cards, etc

Consumer Targeting

The right message to the right user at the right time
High action and engagement rates

Self Serve - Ads Dashboard

A simple platform that gives you exclusive access to reports and helps you get valuable insights for your ad campaigns.

Flipkart Brand Stories

Engage, inspire and interact with a large customer base with Flipkart’s Brand Stories. You can now share your brand story and drive meaningful interactions with millions of consumers online, thereby giving them a holistic brand experience, gaining their trust and ultimately adding them to your loyal customer base. Find out how!



Do you create landing page for clients?

Yes, we have the option to create landing pages which gives the opportunity for brands to showcase their product portfolio and value propositions.

What is premium inventory and which Ad formats are included?

Premium inventory includes the top banner and the right hand side cards on the Flipkart website. This inventory is visible to all Flipkart consumers visiting the site. Having your Ads displayed on premium property can help provide instant visibility to wide range of audience.

How does the pricing work?

Currently we follow two pricing models; CPD and CPM. CPD translates to cost per day where the inventory slot is available for one day. CPM which is cost per thousand impressions allows brands to target exclusivity while advertise.

Is Flipkart Ads available only for Brands retailing on Flipkart?

Brands that are not retailing on Flipkart can also advertise using Flipkart Ads. Flipkart is a platform that brands can utilize to find consumers who have an intent to purchase.