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Benefits for Marketers

Over 100m registered Flipkart shoppers + over 1 billion monthly impressions

Target audience best suited for your brand’s needs in terms of location, gender, buying propensity, category affinity, etc

Leverage Flipkart’s audience segments based on purchase behaviour and interest segments

Leverage Flipkart’s robust data and tech platform for campaign optimization and delivery

Product Offerings

Video Ads

  • Ad placement on premium network inventory using Flipkart exclusive consumer data
  • Skippable and Non-Skippable Ads allowing users to discover your brand.
  • Ads that appear with new and relevant user search.
  • Bumper Ads to create intrigue.
Audience Advertising

Standard and Custom Banner

  • Standard banner sizes.
  • Capability to build support for custom banners sizes.


  • Full screen (320x480) mobile interstitial ads for high user engagement.
  • Larger ads allow for premium, engaging ads.
  • User-controlled experience.

MRAID Rich Media

  • Impactful rich media creatives for mobile.
  • Support for rich media banners, interstitial and expendables.

Salient Features

Rich Demand Platform for campaign creation with management

Extensive audience targeting based on location, gender, income group, interests

Machine learning based campaign delivery, optimized for performance

Real time insights into campaign performance


What is FSA (Flipkart Shopper Audience) personas?

This feature targets Flipkart audience effectively via defined personas such as gadget freaks, travelers etc. This allows brands to target these audiences not just on the Flipkart app but also on other mobile apps through FSA retargeting.

What are the targeting options available?

Based on the inventory we have different targeting options. The current targeting is done on the basis of gender and geography.

How does reporting work for Ad campaigns?

Post completion of a campaign on Flipkart, our sales representative will be sharing the final report. This report will contain the results, execution and engagement of the completed campaign.