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Higher discoverability

Your products are shown to the relevant customers and are given higher visibility on the Flipkart Mobile App

Acquiring New Customers

Interested potential customers view your products when you advertise with PLA

Increased sales

Better visibility and 'Buy Now' button give you higher sales opportunities

How It Works

Start a campaign

Sellers can create ad campaigns easily using seller dashboard

Promote your products

Advertised product is promoted and shown to the relevant customers and the seller gets preferential treatment throughout the transaction cycle of the customers

Unique charging model

Sellers are charged as per the Cost Per Action i.e only if a customer engages with the ad

Flipkart Product Listing Ads

Looking to achieve higher visibility and a huge customer base?

Flipkart’s Product Listing Ads gives you this and much more. With Product Listing Ads you can get your customers to take notice and come to you without trying too hard. Getting ahead of the crowd and staying there has never been this easy!



What is CPX?

CPX means Cost per Action which is charged at an Ad group level. An action is considered when a customer with an intent to buy engages with the Ad in one of the following ways:
Tap - An action is counted when a user taps on an ad and goes to Product Details page for the advertised product.
Pinch to zoom - When the user zooms in/out pictures or other details of the advertised product, it is considered an action.
Scroll - When the user scrolls down/up on the Details page of the advertised product to see more information, it is considered an action.

What are Ad groups?

Ad groups are a collection of similar products under one category, which have similar demand (number of sellers advertising similar products) and supply curve (number of buyers searching for advertised products); opportunities and margins. Hence, they have the same Cost Per Action (CPX).

What are the benefits of Ad groups?

The benefits of Ad groups include:
1. Variable pricing - Different categories are priced differently based on their demand supply curve, opportunities and margins.
2. Control over budget - Sellers can allocate and manage budget at ad group level.
3. Performance insights - Sellers can now get performance details at ad group level.

What can be edited in an Ad campaign?

Following changes can be made to an Ad campaign:
1. Campaign duration: Start date, end date and Pacing.
2. Ad group budgets