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600% Increase
Product Page Views
230% Increase
Daily Sales
100% Increase
Brand Filter Usage


With a superior product line of large electronic goods, Carrier Midea did not want to miss this opportunity to promote their brand during the busy month of October – which tends to be the peak season for buying appliances. Carrier Midea was looking for an uplift in brand awareness, consideration and purchase for their washing machines category


Considering baseline shifts in traffic during and after The Big Billion Days sale, Carrier Midea focused on campaigns immediately after the Sale. Since close to 40% of the traffic for large appliances come on desktop, Carrier Midea ran campaigns on both Desktop and App (Brand stories) post BBD. There were also high impact campaigns on both App and Desktop during the intrigue phase marketing for Dhanteras and Diwali.


At its peak, the campaign generated a 600% increase in product page views, a 100% increase in brand filter usage and a 230% increase in Daily Sales. There was thus, a very clear uplift in awareness, visibility and purchase intent.   Carrier  
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