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73.9 MN
13.4 MN
Action Rate


Dell surpasses all other competitors and sells around millions of desktops, laptops and notebooks every year in India. While the brand is a leading retailer of laptops in the country, their share on Flipkart was lesser than their offline share. Dell saw a huge opportunity in advertising during The Big Billion Days Sale and wanted to drive their premium segment through the e-commerce channel.


A campaign was created to allocate The Premium Gold category inventory to Dell. With the best amalgamation of web and app based ads, the campaign tried to increase the brand’s share on Flipkart. The results were absolutely phenomenal with over 4x increase in Daily Avg PPV, 2.7x increase in Wishlist and 5x increase in Add to Cart during BBD.


This campaign generated 73.9 Million impressions with 13.5 Million views and an Action rate of 3%.         Dell
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