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Over the years, Eveready has managed to carve a niche in the Indian (dry cell) battery segment. From being a household name for batteries, lighting and flashlights, Eveready has also diversified in the segment of consumer appliances.

Eveready identified Flipkart’s ‘The Big Billion Days’ 2017 as a golden opportunity to strengthen their position in the market for LED bulbs, battens and rechargeable home lights. The objective was to gather awareness for new products such as gas stoves and generate sales alongside.

Key Insight

      • Based on demographic and behavioural segmentation, we narrowed down the target audience to men and women, aged 21 and above, living all across India with a price affinity spanning from low, medium to high.
      • We used data from the past 3 months to segment the audience based on purchase behaviour, by mapping:
        • Browsed category
        • Browsed product pages (including Eveready)
        • Purchases in the past.

What did we do for them?

      • Deployed distinctive inventory mix across Flipkart Home Page App & Desktop properties
      • Leveraged Flipkart’s Social Media assets such as Facebook and YouTube, to drive brand favourability
      • Provided exclusive visibility on premium inventory slots to promote ‘Lighting Fest’
      • Special ROI-driven promotion on ‘Deals of the Day’ and other offers-specific inventory
      • Exclusive Brand Store, a customised destination featuring assortment of products to promote enhanced user experience
      • Creative messaging that promoted “Lighting Fest” as being powered by Eveready.

The Results:

    • 80% increase in number of units sold during the festive sale period
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