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First launched in 2015, the Adidas Ultraboost was termed as the “Greatest Running Shoe”. Adidas decided to bring the shoe back, bigger and better than ever before. Unparalleled by any other shoe in the industry, Ultraboost looked at Flipkart to create a unique launch for its epic comeback in the premium sportswear market.


Today, “Hype drop” is an extremely popular way to launch a new product in the sneaker community, where sneaker companies release a limited number of shoes in select flagship stores. Flipkart decided to take this to the next level – it was time to bring the Hype Drop phenomenon to India’s largest e-commerce portal! This is how we did it:
Phase 1: Build Intrigue
As per drop culture, Flipkart teased the release of the Ultraboost’19 using Brand Story. These were featured ad spaces on the homepage that were specifically targeted to users who had browsed through premium footwear in the past 3 months. The day before the launch, targeted brand stories were featured on the Flipkart homepage to spark interest amongst potential buyers.

Phase 2: The Launch
On 21st February 2019, as the clock struck 10:00, Flipkart dropped this limited edition Ultraboost online. Just like opening the doors in a store launch, these shoes were showcased on the Announcement Widget 1 grid. This was an ad format that was apt for the launch as it featured Adidas as the star banner on the Flipkart homepage, grabbing the attention of shoppers. The customer could then buy the product by clicking on the ad or from a special featured page on Flipkart’s Footwear iconic store.

A one of a kind campaign, this was the first product launch Flipkart drove using the Announcement Widget 1 grid for a lifestyle brand. The launch alone garnered 27 million views, which was the highest share of voice on the homepage than ever recorded before. With a CTR benchmark of 0.5% set, Flipkart managed to get a whopping 2.5%, which was 5 times higher than the expected result! The product page therefore had 1.1 million views, making it the highest ever product page views on any given day in Flipkart history. Adidas saw over 34K add to cart actions, selling twice the number of shoes in the men's and women’s categories during this campaign period, compared to any other day.  

Phase 3: Re-boosted using SIS and Social
In order to make this a 360 campaign, Flipkart re-boosted the Ultraboost using SIS, a special Shop in Shop brand store page created for this campaign, and social media. The Instagram stories alone reached a 100K people organically. On the app, the campaign redirected users to convert using specific reboosted branded category pages, and showcasing the product and its features on internal pages. The reboosting activity was able to sell 30x the amount of units Adidas regularly sold on the platform.  During the campaign period, 74% of the total shoes sold were just on the day of the launch, making this one of the most successful lifestyle launch campaigns yet!



A first of its kind in the lifestyle category, the Adidas Ultraboost launch through the Announcement Widget 1 grid was a huge hit. The online sales of the Ultraboost in the launch phase was comparable to any sale in the store, truly making Adidas stand out in the digital marketing world, all while delivering an exceptional 360 campaign!
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