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Cadbury Bournvita has been one of India’s most popular chocolate malted drink-mixes since it’s launch in 1948. With communication that emphasized on the key role of a parent (mothers, in specific) in supporting their child’s journey to growth and success which translated into video assets that communicated the brand’s philosophy on progressive parenting, the brand focused on habit formation in kids from an early age. 

NorthWestern states rank high in India’s milk production, and the resulting milk surplus in these states lead to high milk consumption. Hence, these markets become important for drink mixes like Bournvita. Flipkart Ads stepped in to help the brand with an exclusive and time-effective solution in these critical markets. The objective set was to identify young mothers, the brand’s core target audience and the key purchase-decision-makers, through Flipkart. Bournvita could thus, engage with the mothers, consequently increasing awareness about the brand, its philosophy and encourage sale by being relevant and relatable to the target audience. 


Cadbury and Flipkart joined hands to bring Bournvita atop young mothers’ minds and place it into their carts. Flipkart Shopper Audience Network [FSA] was proposed as a pivotal aspect of Bournvita’s media strategy. FSA allows brands to connect with buyers through personalized video ads on Hotstar, Flipkart Video, and other content platforms. Through its audience-based insights and algorithms, FSA leverages Flipkart’s learnings of user intent and user-purchase-journeys, to help brands connect in a more relatable and notable fashion. 


Flipkart created “Mothers” as a customer cohort for this campaign. To identify relevant female target consumers, Flipkart used deterministic signals across the app database. The target “Mothers” were filtered basis the shopping preferences of females. 

To engage with this target customer segment in North-West India and Bihar, Bournvita used video assets on Hotstar over a 3 month period


Seamlessly integrating Bournvita in the target audience’s shopping experience bridged the disparity between the consumers and the brand leading to greater awareness, relevance, recall value along with an increased ROI.

Success as delicious as chocolate malt, indeed!
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