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About the brand: Forevermark is a diamond brand from De Beers Group, which has a vast history of diamond expertise spanning over 130 years. Every Forevermark inscribed diamond is natural, hand-selected and comes with a promise that it is beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced. Currently present in 32 markets across the world, the brand wanted to connect with its Indian audience through video OTT platforms. Flipkart, with its rich audience network, had just the cut to make Forevermark shine brighter.

The Challenge: Forevermark is a niche and premium brand. The brand's challenge was to identify a premium audience with a high affinity for diamond jewelry. PHD Media, Forevermark's Digital Media agency along with Flipkart was tasked to create visibility and drive high net worth individuals during the festive season onto the brand's page.

In order to achieve a high click-through-rate and time spent on the communication, Flipkart leveraged its deep understanding and insights of the shopper's behavior. This Included the search and browse histories, purchase behavior and affinities to premium brand stores etc., to create the customized cohorts.

Toranj Mehta, Director Marketing Forevermark India, while discussing the importance of identifying consumer cohorts, said, “Forevermark understands that we cannot follow a cookie-cutter approach when it comes to digital advertising. Among our consumers, there is significant variance in milestone occasions and life moments. One of the key aspects of our media planning is to find the right consumer cohorts or life events. Our digital media agency PHD Media, alongside Flipkart, helped us in identifying the appropriate consumer cohorts and we showcased communication relevant to these cohorts. Their focus on audience and the relevance of Forevermark’s content helped bring in extremely engaged audiences to our website which resulted in above average engagement metrics.”

To make the campaign a success, four user cohorts were identified and created with 80% of budgets to be spent on reaching female customers:

The four cohorts were then served video ads on Hotstar through Flipkart Ads’ Shopper Audience Network (FSA). FSA allows brands to connect with buyers through personalized video ads on Hotstar, Flipkart Video, and other content platforms.

The video communication centered around 3 consumer purchase events or life stages – an anniversary, a bonus and a proposal, and positioned Forevermark as the preferred diamond during these purchase occasions. Through its audience-based insights and algorithms, FSA leverages Flipkart’s learnings of user intent and user-purchase-journeys, to help brands connect in a more relatable and notable fashion.

Results: The campaign performed exceedingly well across all metrics. Shavon Barua, the Chief Client Officer of PHD India, mentioned the importance of partnerships in driving best results for a brand: “In a data abundant world, it is extremely critical to intelligently associate with information that drive best results for your business, period. PHD, with its challenger mindset across levels, always tries to make a leap to deliver actual business results. This campaign with our media partners, Flipkart, is a true testament to our ethos and helped deliver nothing but the best for the brand Forevermark.”

Needless to say, Flipkart Ads with the right targeting and customer segmentation succeeded in creating high intent for Forevermark amongst the premium shopping audiences. The performance met all objectives and exceeded the client's expectations on the platform.
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