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In a 450 million smartphone economy, with 2 out of 3 people accessing the Internet through more than one device, Flipkart and Intel were tasked with one challenge - finding an Internet user who accesses the Internet through a mobile device, and definitely not a PC! Well, Flipkart nailed the Intel on that!

Out of Flipkart’s vast audience network, Intel wanted to carve out a new customer segment by targeting Flipkart’s phone-only audience-who did not own laptops or desktops. Sounds simple, right?

But the challenge lay in identifying this target audience from a pool of customers who had accessed Flipkart only through their mobile devices in the past year and then double-verifying that this was the only device type they used to access the Internet!

Audience Optimization - how we reached our target audience:

To reach an optimized data set of target-audience from our wide pool of audience, Flipkart started off with consumer information and insights to eliminate audiences for whom the ad would be irrelevant. Further, Flipkart collaborated with a third-party platform to narrow down and create effective targeting innovation and achieve results that set this campaign as an industry benchmark for future campaigns. Check out below how Flipkart’s vast, mobile-only audience was compacted to an optimized audience most likely to not own a personal computer. Flipkart, then, categorized their final target-audience into the following cohorts to ensure maximum efficiency of the ads:
  • iOS users
  • Premium phone users (android phones>35K)
  • Affordable phone users (android phones<35K)
  • Working professionals on their first job
  • Students who browsed laptops


To capture eyeballs across the advertising ecosystem, Flipkart & Intel crafted tailor-made communication to focus on the needs and aspirations of the 5 individual cohorts. The communication was served to the target audience through a well-rounded mix of in-house and third-party platforms, making this a very cohesive 360-degree digital campaign.


With Flipkart’s targeting and communication, the campaign garnered: After exceeding the target in just a week, Intel decided to invest further for a second phase of the campaign to break their own record! Realizing the power of Flipkart’s consumer insights, Intel decided to expand the data sets and try out new potential targeting cohorts. Stay tuned to understand how Intel further built on this campaign in phase 2.
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