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Your favourite cookie dipped in chocolate – what more can you ask for? To bring this new decadent product to their customers, Flipkart took on the challenge of this unique FMCG launch with Cadbury Oreo.


Oreo as a brand reflected high consideration numbers in the shopping funnel, but ranked quite low on awareness. With the need to create a big bang launch campaign, Flipkart looked at increasing awareness of this product that was already being highly considered. With this new premium priced cookie, Oreo wanted to upgrade existing cookie buyers and drive sampling to create a buying audience in the market for this product.


We decided that we had to increase awareness about the new Oreo cookies through a one of its kind highly innovative gamification banner that educated the customer about the ingredients of the cookie. In addition, we also use High Impact Display properties as an extension of the campaign to drive brand recall. So how did we do it?


No matter when and where you see a word search puzzle, your instinct is to immediately find the words. Flipkart used exactly this insight to create a gamified banner for Oreo. Upon solving a simple word search, not only were the customers able to preorder the Cadbury dipped Oreos, but they also learnt what the ingredients in the product were.   With existing cookie buyers and loyalists of Oreo and Cadbury, the idea was to showcase a new offering that comes with the taste they know and love. With this target audience combined with the first time customers of Oreos, the task was to increase trials of the product. Using targeted homepage banners, users could pre-order a pack of these cookies. With the use of  High Impact Display properties in the grocery section, Flipkart was able to increase the number of add to cart actions to pre-order the cookies.


As FMCG is still in its nascent phase on Flipkart, this campaign was not only a grand success for Cadbury, but also it was a huge win for Flipkart. What more can we say? With Flipkart teaming up with Cadbury, success could not have been sweeter!
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