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  • Google approached us with the intention of increasing PPVs prior to, and during the Big Shopping Days event in May for their Chromecast Product.
  • Since Chromecast is a niche product heading towards the end of its product life-cycle, we had to increase tech-savvy individuals’ ‘Awareness’ and ‘Consideration’ of the same.
  • We employed gamification elements for a brand for the first time on our website and succeeded.
  • User Engagement was driven through game-elements such as “Add to Wishlist” and “Bid & Win”. Visibility was amplified by showcasing the product on our many high-traffic properties.
  • For the data strategy, we leveraged our own algorithm and were able to zero-in on customer personas to target. These were dictated by data-driven mapping of recent persona behaviour on the E-Commerce site.
The primary objectives:
  • Build intrigue and interest prior to the BSD sale (measured by actions such as “Add to Cart”, “Add to Wishlist” and “Bid to Win”).
  • Convert this intrigue to sales and orders during the BSD sale period.
  • The biggest challenge was to sell to young, tech-savvy audiences. Some of them already owned Smart TVs and had no inclination to use Chromecast. So, targeting those in the age bracket without Smart TVs was the biggest challenge.
How were they achieved? Flipkart Ads split the campaign into two phases–
  1.    Event intrigue strategy
  2.   Event conversion strategy
Phase 1. The event intrigue strategy (7th to 12th May):
  • We gamified our website for the first time. Users were allowed to “Add to Wishlist” and “Bid to Win” in order to drive actions on the product.
  • The product was featured on our properties such as Crazy Deals, Electronics Story Page, Latest Gadgets and more.
  • These exercises helped increase visibility and drive intrigue to Google’s flagship product page.
Key takeaways from the first phase:
  • 51x  increment from BAU PPVs (~1.5L views compared to ~2851 on BAU days).
  • In 6 days, we were able to get customers excited by increasing 35% PPV via the gamification exercises alone.
  • 29,000 people wishlisted the product in a single day.
Phase 2. The event conversion strategy (13th to 16th May):
  • The BSD event strategy was to deliver numbers through the visibility that was achieved during the intrigue period.
  • Our premium properties such as The Platinum Slot on the Homepage, Banner on Store Page of Events and Electronics and Push Notifications during the sale.
Key takeaways from the second phase:
  • ~7.8 Million views and 250K PPV was delivered as a direct consequence of the Phase 2 strategy.
  • Conversion rate increased to 3.4% compared to ~0.8-1% on BAU days.
  • The ad campaign drove about 40% of the volume of the total Chromecast sales on Flipkart platform.
Overall Results?


While the post-event fatigue resulted in a slight drop in the conversion rate (0.48%), the DRR remained unchanged. The Chromecast strategy helped us understand that gamification indeed works and this also implies a need to look at exciting marketing constructs such as the FIFA World Cup in June.
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