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Taking on a sleeping giant
Venturing into a completely new category such as ‘Automation and Robotics’ in India cannot be considered easy. Google decided to do just that with its smart home assistant gadget, Google Home. Success would require a deep understanding of the Indian shopping behaviour. This is where Flipkart stepped up to the plate. Utilising key properties including premium brand visibility slots, intelligent data-driven audience targeting and lead generation, Flipkart Ads designed a launch campaign that delivered a CTR of more than 2 per cent  Read on to find out how exactly this was achieved.

Winner takes all
Due to the niche category nature of the audience, the lack of awareness, and the view that Google Home was more a luxury than a necessity, it was expected that the adoption of such devices would be slow. Yet, rising penetration of internet and smartphones coupled with ever-increasing internet speeds, indicated that the fairly large tech-oriented audience would be curious about the product. Numbers suggested that home automation market in India would cross the INR 30,000-crore mark by 2022, making this the right time to enter the market. The challenge for Google was to create an impactful product launch awareness campaign and use this momentum to drive maximum sales.

Going all out
Understanding and reaching out to the most relevant customers on Flipkart was critical. To ensure this, Flipkart Ads devised a 360 digital strategy with deterministic data-capturing and targeting algorithms at its crux.

The step-by-step solution involved:
  • Creating premium visibility
  • Targeting the most interested and relevant audience pool
  • Incentivising product adoption
  • Taking Google Home to people’s homes
  In order to accomplish its first objective of grabbing serious eyeballs, Flipkart ramped up the product promotion:
  • On social media, #makegoogledoit campaign was promoted to create higher traction and drive users on to Flipkart.
  • On Flipkart, Google Home was afforded maximum visibility on premium ad slots in order to reach the widest possible audience base and build on awareness indices.
  • The audience base was further increased by tracking the quality traffic received during pre and post Google Home launch.
  Utilising Flipkart Ads’ insight-based audience mapping algorithms, the above-mentioned audience pool was filtered into those with the highest relevance.
  • Based on the user’s recent browsing/ purchase/ search and other activities on Flipkart, Flipkart Ads maximised its advertising campaign towards those looking for automation products on the platform.
  • This targeting was extended to users with high affinity for the brand Google and its products.
In parallel, Flipkart incentivised the post-launch adoption of Google Home by collaborating with content providers affiliated with Google such as Saavn and Gaana and targeting subscribers/ users with lucrative subscription offers. Lastly, to drive sales home, Flipkart Ads reached out to the customers most likely to purchase Google Home with a smart lead-gen mechanism for an exclusive home demo of the product in the metros. This resulted in augmented product, category and brand awareness – thus, providing a huge impetus to selling the numbers eventually.

The verdict
The numbers achieved by the launch campaign pointed toward a significant victory for Google:
  • Views and clicks targets overachieved by 105% and 128%, respectively
  • A CTR of more than 2% per cent for the new automation products category
  • 60,000 registrations achieved
  • A conversion rate of 0.6-0.8%.
It had a positive impact across the funnel with higher search-led traffic than expected, which indicated increased awareness. Further, higher Add-to-Carts and Wish-listing indicated an upward growth in considerations. Post promotion, a bench line shift in conversions per day was observed with an organic month-on-month PPV increase. The promotion was sustained for 2 months within which a huge lift was achieved:
  • 1.3X jump in CTR percentage
  • 6.3X jump in the number of Add-to-Cart
For brands dealing in such specific market segments, identifying, understanding and reaching out to the audience with the highest intent, affinity and relevance is paramount. This is where Flipkart Ads’ repository of industry-leading tools prove decisive in full-funnel measurement of relevant audience sets, positioning the brand for maximum visibility on the premier folds with Platinum and other banners, and real-time targeting and campaign performance monitoring.
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