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With the launch of the much-awaited Hero6 series, GoPro sought to increase brand awareness, create desire and drive intent among the identified target audience, eventually guiding them to make a purchase. To realise this goal and solidify its position as a front-runner in the camera industry, GoPro worked collaboratively with Flipkart Ads and achieved measurable results.

Key Insight:

The demand for cameras sees a noticeable hike as festive season approaches; people wish to capture celebratory moments, marriage functions and family get-togethers. Not to mention, the increased vacation plans to end the year on an adventurous note.

What we did:

  • Leveraged Flipkart’s dedicated algorithm to aid our understanding of shoppers’ purchase intent, interests, and behaviour.
  • Identified a targetted list of relevant travel, lifestyle, news, utility, and sports portals on the supply side.
  • With intelligent purchase behavior mapping, we followed a data driven approach to track shopping history, browsing history and other important metrics.
  • Based on demographic and behavioural segmentation, we narrowed down the target audience to men aged 25 and above, with interests such as sports & adventure and in the market for cameras.
  • Set up exclusive Flipkart Shopper Audience campaign to reach out to profiled e-commerce audience with high spending affinity.
  • Special attention was given to Flipkart’s platinum and gold customers.


  • FSA campaign gathered a total of 2,17,04,649 impressions and 1,99,945 clicks with an impressive Click Through Rate (CTR) of 0.92%.
  • Through the campaign, we facilitated 234 add-to-cart actions.
  • 11% of the orders were generated through the ad campaign alone.


Case Studies

Google approached us with the intention of increasing PPVs prior to, and during the Big...