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Lenovo is one of the world’s leading technology companies dealing in smartphones, tablets, laptops and other technology products and services. Lenovo turned to Flipkart with two clear objectives: to maximize the sale of tablets during the month of May and to achieve maximum visibility during the Big 10 Sales event.


To help Lenovo reach its goals, Flipkart Ads used a clutter-breaking strategy. Using the help of the recently launched Platinum Membership, powered by Flipkart, we ensured maximum visibility for the brand for a continuous period of 10 days. This enabled high visibility on desktop platforms by leveraging on the heightened brand awareness right after sale event. Similarly, on the mobile app, we used brand stories to capitalize on the increased brand awareness right after the Big 10 sale.


The overall results were supremely positive. Lenovo’s product page views went up by 4X. In addition, the cart addition and wishlist additions went up by 4X and 2X respectively. The overall sales also increased by 7X during the Big 10 sale.
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