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This festive season, Flipkart enabled Mastercard to achieve the unimaginable. On a platform, dominated by cash on delivery users, we were able to attain ~3 million new Mastercards in a span of 3 months. So how did we do it?


On Flipkart, Mastercard transactions accounted for ~30% market share in all pre-paid transactions, which by itself accounted for 25 – 30% of total transactions. In comparison, Mastercard’s main competitor had almost 2x market share. Moreover, Mastercard also faced the following challenges:  


Flipkart provided a solution for Mastercard to drive digital transactions by encouraging users to save their cards on Flipkart and transact online.

There were ~450 million internet subscribers in India in September 2018. Flipkart helped reach 1/3rd of total online users and almost all online transactors through this partnership. The Big Billion Days followed by the Diwali sale couldn’t have been a better time to tap into this opportunity.

The initial goal for the overall campaign was to drive 1 million new* cards on Flipkart. However, the campaign surpassed the goal and exceeded expectations. Upon deeper analysis of customer behaviour, we noticed that ~65-70% of users were using Cash On Delivery (COD) as the preferred mode of payment. We also understood that customers chose COD due to fear and trust issues towards transacting online. Hence, we formulated an innovative strategy to:


1. Introducing Mastercard:
Flipkart’s high decibel marketing campaigns during the Big Billion Days and Diwali sale introduced Mastercard as it’s “Powered By” sponsor. Our campaigns had a mix of Kidults, followed by India’s best-known faces across Bollywood and regional cinema, sports personalities and more. Mastercard was present in Flipkart’s much talked about “Big Billion Days ka boss” campaign that was executed in association with Google Assistant. Even Flipkart’s posters inside its campuses and warehouses carried the Mastercard logo to drive awareness about this association among employees!
2. Pre-launch and Intrigue Phase:
Mastercard was introduced as one of Flipkart’s payment partners along with our Banking, EMI and UPI partners. The idea was to use Mastercard cards and enable quicker check outs for the products that run out of stock very soon during the sale period.  
3. Gamification to increase engagement:
 In partnership with Mastercard, an “education” driven quiz was formulated in such a way that all Flipkart customers could answer the questions. However to be eligible to win, the customer had to be a Mastercard user. Thus, encouraging customers to save their Mastercard details on the platform. To add more excitement and encourage participation, we also offered the iPhone XS to winners on a daily basis, even before it was launched in India. Furthermore, one Grand Prize winner would get a paid trip to Australia to watch the India - Australia series live
4. Guerilla marketing on Flipkart:
Flipkart utilized the COD Captcha page to intervene in the purchase journey. The communication was aimed at encouraging the customer to use a Mastercard at the checkout stage and get instant discounts. The success of this campaign got other banking partners to use this slot to promote their offers and thus drive uptake.
5. Flipscore to track key metrics:
Flipkart launched a brand index to measure Mastercard’s ranking before and after the campaign period. The index captured the comparative ranking between Mastercard and it’s competitors across 3 matrices -  (1) Saved cards on Platform; (2) Transacting cards on Platform and; (3) GMV contribution.


With our path-breaking campaign, ~3 million* new Mastercards were saved on Flipkart during the campaign period. (*also includes the reactivation of cards and the cards that had already been saved on Flipkart but have been dormant for more than 6 months.) Discover the world of Flipkart Ads and elevate your e-commerce campaigns today: brands.flipkart.com    
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