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The rise of male grooming industry in India has been nothing short of phenomenal. As of 2017, the market was worth Rs. 10,500 crore and growing at a rate of 10% annually.[1] But, as observed by the leading global personal care brand Nivea in India, a significantly higher proportion of people were purchasing men’s grooming products offline rather than online.
How does a brand coming up with a new product range reverse this trend and establish itself on e-commerce where a significant portion of its target audience regularly engages with other categories?
By leveraging the pull of globally popular Real Madrid football club and clubbing it with a 2-stage launch strategy never attempted for any FMCG product before, Nivea teamed up with Flipkart Ads to deliver unprecedented awareness, consideration and sell-out numbers for its Deep Impact range.

Low consideration for online men’s grooming v/s offline
Given the low-ticket size and ease of availability, the Indian populace has shown an inclination towards purchasing grooming products offline. The biggest challenge for Nivea was to find a way to increase consideration for male grooming category online.

Buzz creation around a new range
Nivea had to sniff out an opportunity to leverage e-commerce marketing to create unprecedented hype for the new men’s grooming range – Deep Impact.  

Opportunity to leverage growing online affinity for personal care products
There are certain pockets among the personal care category users who exhibit high affinity for shopping grooming products online. For example, students on Flipkart have show 1.6X higher tendency to make purchases in the grooming category than the average shopper. In order to earn the loyalty of this large audience of young, online shopping-favoured Indians, Nivea needed a ground-breaking launch campaign to catapult the brand on e-commerce.


The 2-phase Nivea Men’s Deep Impact online launch that caught the eye
To create buzz, Nivea had to go beyond any personal care brand had gone on e-commerce. This is where Flipkart Ads and Nivea rolled out a Flipkart-exclusive 2-phase launch campaign for the Deep Impact range based entirely on the Pre-Order model – something never attempted before in the FMCG sector!

Associating with one of the most successful football team in the world – Real Madrid
With football fever running high across the country, Nivea identified the sport as a common link within its primary target audience of young personal care shoppers - The Active Suave. This is where Flipkart Ads helped centre the launch campaign of the Deep Impact range around Nivea’s global association with Real Madrid and superstar Cristiano Ronaldo for grabbing the maximum eyeballs.

  1.       Pre-Order
  • Store Page was created on Flipkart highlighting the story behind the Nivea Deep Impact range and the Real Madrid association. The pre-order option added to the intrigue and interest, thus instantly improving the brand experience for users online.
  • To lead the audience to the store page, relevant high visibility ad properties were deployed on Flipkart including PLAs, targeted brand story campaigns and rich search cards
  • For augmenting the buzz creation further, Flipkart Ads and Nivea went ahead with pinned visibility and a dedicated emailer for the brand to all Personal Care category users. With Real Madrid’s latest Champions League victory as a hook, a messaging was established around Nivea being the choice of the champions
  1.       Buy Now
  • Once the hype hit its peak, the Buy Now phase was launched with maximum homepage visibility for Nivea
  • All the category pages led to Nivea store, thus creating even more visibility for the new range of products
  • Theme cards, Push Notifications, E-mailers, targeted campaigns, and a social media contest further brought audiences to the Buy Now page
With the pre-order campaign, Nivea scored some major goals!
The entire buzz around Nivea Deep Impact range, perfectly timed with Real Madrid’s record-breaking Champions League victory, enabled the brand to set the precedent for the entire male grooming category online.
The new range was a massive hit, thus earning Nivea huge brand recall from the targeted audiences, especially those interested in football. In fact, on the day Real Madrid won the Champions League, the campaign garnered over 200,000 clicks – the highest ever for Nivea in a single day!


Overall, the following results were achieved:
  •         4000+ Units ordered in just 10 days
  •         200,000+ Clicks in a single day – the highest ever for Nivea
  •         Visits to store page scaled day-on-day exponentially
  •         1.5-2X Over-delivery on metrics
  [1] http://www.forbesindia.com/article/startups-special-2018/vanity-affair-mens-grooming-is-serious-business/50471/1
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