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Being a top player in the Indian smartphone industry, Samsung Mobiles saw 2017’s sale season as a golden opportunity to extend their lead. With the offline market being bombarded with new entries everyday, it was more important than ever for them to establish themselves as the market leader. To make this happen, they leveraged from three primary opportunities - The flagship Big Billion Days, Festive Dhamaka Days and the Big Diwali Sale - in order to achieve the goal of doubling the previous year’s target.

What did we do for them?

  • To offer undiluted visibility and achieve set goals, we developed a one-of-a-kind custom solution: The Star Banner.
  • Placed on the first viewable screen, The Star Banner ensured that Samsung Mobiles was the first brand any user visiting the website was exposed to.
  • With design and logic at the heart of our strategy, we created a distinctive artwork and colour-scheme for the banner, to ensure that banner blindness is avoided at all costs.
  • To showcase the entire portfolio, we used algorithm-controlled automatic rotation and ran multiple banners on the same slot, each with a different product.
  • We used AI to our advantage – mapping a user’s intent and optimising their level of exposure to a certain product accordingly.
  • Additionally, we leveraged from our existing social media assets and developed multiple goal driven teasers and post launch campaigns (digital and print).

The Results:

  • The Star Banner delivered 2x goals in terms of clicks (In-turn and Product Page Views).
  • Big Billion Days alone delivered more clicks than the estimated total of all 3 events combined.
  • Significant widening of top-of-the funnel proved instrumental in achieving full funnel attribution.
  • Initial target by Samsung Mobiles was exceeded by 1.2x.
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