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33 MN
1.6 MN
3X Jump


With a collection of high-end blankets, Signature wanted to make inroads into the home furnishing and lifestyle category online. Since December/January are peak winter months and thus a peak season for blanket sales, Signature wanted to promote aggressively during this time and make up for any lost sales from demonetization in November.


Since 80-90% of the traffic for Home category happens to be on Mobile App, Signature focused their promotions primarily on the app interface, to create maximum reach and impact for the brand. As Signature was a relatively new brand, campaigns were run exclusively during the weekend when both traffic and conversions are slightly higher.


With the promotions spread over two days, Signature was able to generate 33 million impressions. The promotional banners generated over 1.6 million views. Due to the strong promotions and banner ads, the average sales for Signature went up by almost 3X during the promotion period – a huge improvement over sales before the campaign.   Signature
Case Studies

Google approached us with the intention of increasing PPVs prior to, and during the Big...