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Increase in Sales
Cart Additions


Spigen is a leading accessory maker known for its unique screen protectors, cases and other accessories for smartphones. The brand turned to Flipkart Ads looking for a strategy to sell mobile cases for high-end smartphones in the month of April.


In order to help Spigen meet its desired objectives, Flipkart Ads came up with a simple and effective strategy. By targeting brand stories around Flipkart’s Apple Days sale, we were able to reach out to the potential customers who were looking to buy an iPhone at the lowest price. Simultaneously, we released high impact campaigns on mobile platforms to get across to a vast cross-section of people looking to buy a premium smartphone. To ensure we have an all-round approach to our marketing strategy, we also released high visibility campaigns on desktops through DT Native.


Spigen managed to achieve over 8% CTR, which is at least twice the category average for iOS. Additionally, the sales figures increased by 2X. Spigen also saw cart additions go up by 4X and wishlist additions improve by 2.5X.  
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