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12 MN
Premium Ads CTR
Brand Stories CTR


An award-winning American lifestyle and performance footwear company had three objectives in mind for the month of December - to focus on performance, to increase Brand Awareness and launch its product. The company also wanted to introduce a wide range of collection - walking shoes, running shoes, and sports shoes for men and women.


High impact campaigns on App and Desktop were executed during non-sale days. Two native campaigns were live on Desktop and a Brand Story campaign on App. Brand Story was aimed to position the brand for 'comfort and flexibility' that it provides to the consumers. To increase awareness and gain maximum attention for the launch of a new product, Brand Story was undoubtedly the best solution because of its high impact feature.


The brand garnered a whopping 8,519,065 impressions with Native Ads and 3,553,514 impressions with Brand Story. The brand also received an impressive CTR of 2.7% with Native Ads in the first slot, 1.3% in the second slot and 4.8% with Brand Story. Brand Story was not just successful in grabbing the attention of the viewers but also delivering minute details about the product and its features, hence attaining both objectives at the same time. Skechers2-02 copy  
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