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Targeting – An Effective Way To Increase ROI Of Your Ad Spend

20 January 2017


India is a country with diverse seasons, cultures, traditions and even shopping behavior patterns. Every buyer has a different demand. For some, price is all that matters while for the rest, quality is of utmost importance. From students looking for the right budget phone to a professional wanting to multi-task office and personal work, every need has to be taken into consideration to create the most beneficial offers. Flipkart proves to be a great advertising tool to reach the right customer at the right time with its large base of varied audience. And we are now pleased to announce new rich targeting options for advertisers on our platform. Optimal targeting in ads is a win-win for customers and advertisers. It improves ad relevance and hence improves customer experience and ROI on ad spend.

With rich targeting options such as Store browsed – ‘Customers who browsed T-Shirts in the last week’, Store purchased – ‘Customers who bought a mobile phone in the last month’ or Store add to cart – ‘Customers who added a Handbag to their shopping cart since yesterday’ differentiate our advertising product from the market and provide a significant value addition exposing extremely high intent traffic to advertisers.

Targeting internal

How Is It Useful For You?

Brands invest on digital to reach the relevant audience at the right point of time. Top brand advertisers in the market can benefit a lot from contextual and behavioral targeting. Some examples are:

Mobile phone brands – One of the primary objectives for top mobile phone brands is to get customers to upgrade their mobile phones. While Flipkart works great as a channel of sales, having the right targeting opportunities creates a possibility for us to make a dent in BAU months when there are no sale events to boost numbers.

Large appliances – Air conditioners have a longer sale period and presence in north and west as compared to other regions in the country. This helps home appliance brands to make a smarter move and target accordingly.

Laptops/Computers – Product lines targeting specific customer types (Students, Professionals etc.) is a common use case for Microsoft where they want to showcase products of a certain price range to students and a more expensive product to affluent customers. Price affinity and life stage targeting helps advertisers during such scenarios.

How Will The Targeting Options Be Used?

Targeting options available in the ad dashboard will input and edit the right targeting options for a particular campaign to maximize campaign goals (performance, reach).

Reach and Supply

Reach is the number of unique customers in the targeting set and supply is the total number of ad requests served to them in a given time period. Over 17 Billion impressions were created by unique consumers in the year 2016. Reach and supply numbers are available using targeting options so campaign creators can take a call on the trade-off between wider reach and higher ROI.

Specific targeting narrows down reach as compared to broadcast campaigns and typically delivers higher ROI. Based on the goals of a campaign, advertisers evaluate the trade-off between narrowing reach and wider distribution.

We invite our advertisers to utilize these targeting options in their upcoming campaigns for improved efficiency of ad spend and are excited to unlock the potential of this key feature for our advertisers’ success.

Author: Vikram Sharma|Product Management| Flipkart Ads