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The Perfect Way To Target New Generation Of Consumers

24 May 2017

These days, everyone is vying for the attention of the millennial generation and it’s also quite obvious why! Millennials currently reign as the biggest influencers in the world. And their ability to shape the universe of shopping is only going to increase in the days to come. This leaves one question in the minds of advertisers: what’s the best possible way to reach out to Gen Y?

Here’s the good news- advertising to millennials is very easy once you understand their characteristics. And the best part is that apart from being the next big market to advertise to, they also act as brand advocates that you don’t have to put into payroll. All you need is the right approach to effectively advertise to them.


Flipkart Ads


  1. They reject traditional advertising

Interruptive advertising has always been ignored by Gen Y and persistence might even make them turn against your brand.

  1. They have a really short attention span

Thanks to their short attention span, they end up ignoring most of the ads.

  1. They seek value

Millennials need ads that translate into something that is valuable for them and give them what they are looking for.

  1. They are extremely savvy

Millennials know what is good and bad for them. If you give them the good, they will not just use it but share it with everyone around them.

In an era where information is shared uncontrollably, traditional advertising will no longer be able to cut through the clutter. Due to their short attention span, millennials know how to filter out everything except what they really want. Customization has now become the key!

You can no longer come up with a uniform strategy for everyone. In such a scenario, newer forms of advertising such as commerce advertising can definitely help advertisers to come up with cutting edge ad campaigns by targeting relevant audiences. With the help of non-intrusive and engaging ad formats such as Brand Story Cards and Brand Story Showreel, Flipkart Ads is one platform that helps advertisers reach their target audience in an innovative & perfect way.