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Welcome to Commerce Advertising

02 May 2016

Do you feel like Mister John Wanamaker?

John Wanamaker once said “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half”. Though this was said way back in the 1920s, experts believe, Mr. Wanamaker’s observation still holds water even in today’s digital world.

Ask yourself this simple question. “What percentage of your advertising spend actually gets you the desired result?”

Mobile Internet users

300 million mobile internet users. 162 minutes spent daily on smartphones. With the proliferation of smartphones and faster internet, people are connected to their phones like never before. This opens up amazing possibilities for marketers and advertisers alike to target the right customers and garner better ROI.

Transacting consumers!

There’s a misconception that, higher reach guarantees better ROI. The fact is higher reach to a relevant audience when they have high intent to purchase yields better result. This is where transacting consumers come in picture.

So who is a transacting consumer

A consumer whom the brand wants to reach out to when (s)he is actually planning to make a purchase Having said that, although the existing platforms do yield promising results the question is: Can it be made better? Can brands reach out when a consumer is actually planning to make a purchase?

Welcome to Commerce Advertising

The Flipkart way of bringing Brands to their consumers for the uninitiated, Commerce Advertising in simple terms means any advertising done on a commerce platform with a transacting consumer. We have seen purchase decision happening instantaneously when the consumer is inside the store. In digital world, the store is nothing but a commerce platform. Also, one can measure the effectiveness of ads on a commerce platform right from Awareness to consideration point till the stage (s)he actually makes a purchase, simply put commerce advertising can offer discovery-to-destination advertising solution!

Why you should go with Flipkart Ads?

Flipkart is India’s largest m-commerce platform with over 75 million active user base. So what makes Flipkart an ideal platform to advertise your product or service? Apart from the active user base, the most important reason is the intent of the user.

People log on to Flipkart

To research about a product/brand, to compare products/brands, to read reviews, to find what is new, and ofcourse to make a purchase. Thousands of such data points about every consumer is at the core of the Flipkart ad engine.

The intention is clear and all you need to do is showcase your brand at the right time. Flipkart’s Ad engine makes your brand reach out to the right consumers at the right time.

Whatever is your marketing objective – Be it to increase awareness, launch a new brand, increase consideration, lead generation or drive purchase – The flipkart Ads platform with its strong data of 75 million transacting consumers is bound to yield positive results,

Flipkart has multiple native and premium ad formats to help brands get maximum benefits on their ad spends.

Welcome to Flipkart Ads, the pioneer in Commerce advertising!